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Our cauliflower flour is a quite special flour as the only ingredient is cauliflower, but we can assure you that you bought a great and healthy product.

There are 2 recipes of the cauliflower pizza crust, we made an international survey andthe consumers told us that the attached recipe is the one that they loved.

PS: for the second ingredient you can use an all purpose flour or another green banana flour instead, just make sure that is a gluten free flour.

Please find attached the video and let us know if it helped you.

There are more great recipes that you can use with the cauliflower flour as well, please find bellow the recipes link:

There are some reasons of the mold, our both: Dried Natural Mango & Dried Spicy Mango are totally natural, there are no preservatives in our products, this is like a normal fruit but without water, so, situations such as:

Closing extremely well the packaging, 

Cleaning your hands before taking some mango from the bag

Preserve the product in a cold area (without any humidity) 

Help a lot for the preservation of the product, when we close the packaging in our facilities, there are not any particles that could infect the product, once is open, all the particles in the atmosphere enter to the packaging.

Thank you for writting us! Our 48 oz All Purpose Flour has Flaxseed and Sorghum as ingredient, this provoques a little bitter taste depending on the recipe. We made a survey and we had 70% good reviews and 30% different reviews, so we decided to create a new 48 oz All Purpose Flour with a different formula, however this will take some time as we have a high-quality process on this. 

In order to mitigate this bitter taste, it is good to use butter and/ or sweeteners depending on the recipe.

You can find some recipes in our website in the next link:  Recipes – Just About Foods.

You can also find recipes in the back of the package.

And also there´s a All Purpose recipe book attached to this email.

We are sorry that you had that experience, for any return policy please find bellow the link:

It is extreamly important to provide your receipt number and picture as well.

Le tus know if you have any questions.

Yes, it is normal, the mangos can depend on color and flavor, because of the season and because this is a totally natural product, there are no preservatives in our products.

To make sure, we need a photo of the mango and lot # as well.

Even though our oat flour is naturally gluten free, this flour is not certified, as it is processed in facilities where may be ingredients with gluten.

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