Our products

You can find the nutrition facts, as well as the ingredients, in Our Products section; just click on the product you are looking for and you will find the information.
You can get more information about our products in our Uses and Benefits section.
Our flours can live 18 months on the shelves without getting spoiled.
Absolutely! Cauliflower is the one single ingredient in the flour.
Not at all, you can keep all of our products in your pantry. They are not going to spoil.

Where to buy

We have sales locations in Texas (H°E°B) & NYC (Fairway Market and Westside Market). Also, you can buy online on Amazon and our online shop.
There are many ways you can use our flours, you can navigate in our website, go to Uses and Benefits section, then click on Recipes to discover all you can do with our products.

Our certifications

We know how important certifications are for all our customers. You can be sure that all of our products are Non-GMO & Kosher certified. Also, Chickpea Flour, Tortilla Chips, Baked Chickpeas, Crunchy Peanuts, Chía seeds & Milled Flaxseed are USDA Organic certified.
Where to buy our products SALES LOCATION