Spanish Ham Croquettes 

Spanish Ham Croquettes

Products: Sunflower Seed Crumbs & All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour 

Servings per recipe: 15 croquettes  

Nutritional Information 
Calories  154 
Sugar  2.2g 
Protein 5.8g 
Fat 8.5g 


  • 3.5 oz Serrano ham, finely chopped 
  • 1 medium onion, finely chopped 
  • ½ cup Just About Foods All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour 
  • 3 ½ tbsp butter 
  • 1 tbsp olive oil 
  • 2 cups milk 
  • ½ tsp nutmeg 
  • Salt  
  • 2 eggs 
  • 1 cup Just About Foods Sunflower Seed crumbs  
  • Enough olive oil for frying  


In a large skillet or saucepan, melt the butter with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and stir-fry the onion over medium heat until translucent. Add the chopped Serrano ham and cook until the ham looks slightly golden on the edges. 

Add the Just About Foods All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour and mix constantly for 3 minutes until the flour is well incorporated and a dough is form. Lower the heat to low and pour the milk in 4 additions mixing between additions to avoid any lumps.  

Add the nutmeg, salt, and taste to adjust the amount of salt; this might change because of the saltiness of the ham.  

As soon as the mixture boils, turn off the heat and pour it into an oiled heat proof container, cover with plastic wrap, let it cool at room temperature and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. You can let it set overnight.  

To make the croquettes, using a small ice cream scoop, portion the dough with wet hands to prevent the dough from sticking, and roll the dough to form the croquettes. 

Prepare the breading station by pouring the Just About Foods Sunflower Seed crumbs into a small bowl and whisking the eggs into another small bowl. One by one dip the balls in the egg and then cover them with crumbs pressing it with your hands to make sure the croquettes are well breaded.  

Preheat oil to 355°F and fry the croquettes in batches of 5 until golden brown, let the croquettes drain over a cooling rack.  

Serve warm and enjoy! 

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